Morality is deeply related with our survival endeavor as a social species. It’s a kind of “inner commandment” that drives us to relate with our circle of solidarity (our tribe and shared environment) in ways that enhances its well-being. Our circle of solidarity is our circle of morality. Depending on our level of understanding (which is our “tribe” and our shared environment that ensure our survival), we could extend our circle of morality from “me and my private properties” to encompass the whole Earth. In the end, what is moral has deep connections with what each of us believes that it enhances its chances for survival.

We have lived in clans 99% of our history as a species. So, we relate our survival with acting morally (solidary) with whom we considered that are our clan-mates. When you enhance, through your words and actions, the well-being and the surviving chances of one of your clan-mates, it’s moral. When you diminish consciously, through your words or actions, the well-being and the surviving chances of one of your clan-mates, it’s immoral. When you steal food for your kinship, it’s moral; when you steal food from your kinship, it’s immoral. This is what morality is all about. It is about surviving together.

Now we are pressed by our survival pressures to enlarge our circle of solidarity/morality to encompass the whole Planet. It is about our survival not as a clan, but as a species and even as a Planet. When all humanity becomes “your kinship” and all the Planet becomes “our shared environment”, you can not steal anymore from others. You can not anymore exploit others or the natural environment.

We identify ourselves with all those that are inside our circle of solidarity.

To protect them, including our shared environment, means to enhance my surviving chances. Our circle of morality is given by our capacity to encompass and integrate others into our life. As we go further on the evolution path, our perception is getting finer, being able to encompass a larger perspective, to deal with and integrate a larger world. Evolving toward Yellow-Turquoise consciousness we are enlarging our circle of morality. Enlarging the world we feel solidary with, we will act differently toward people and Nature.

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