Only from our newest level of consciousness, when we start to be aware of us as a whole in time and space and to be able to anticipate the future and choose consciously the direction of our evolution, we can have a Great Work as a civilization. Now we consciously assign as our Great Work the regeneration of human civilization and the regeneration of planetary ecosystems.

We have reached, as a global civilization, a point where even inventing better and better technologies can not help us anymore to face our challenges. We reached our horizontal expansion limits. In order to go forward, we have to evolve toward a Universe-centered level of consciousness and to consciously choose cooperative/generative life strategies.

We have to admit: we built our lives and our societies in an almost unconscious way. It is actually very understandable: it is impossible to extend your aspirations and vital needs beyond your ”self” when you are self-centered. In a self-centered based consciousness, your vital needs are always related only to your family, clan or tribe. But now we are evolving toward a step forward under the environmental pressures to extend our “self” to embrace the whole planet.

As we start to evolve consciously, we start to assign for our life new meanings: What would be if my life will be about creating a more fair society in collaboration with other people? What would be if my joy and fulfillment will be the regeneration of the planetary ecosystems? What would be if I will consciously evolve a new set of emotions, to be able to cooperate better? What would be if I will consciously develop a more generative way of communication? The new level of morality and the new set of emotions will be interwoven with these new meanings of life and generative life strategies.