“If I don’t know life’s larger purpose, how could I know my own purpose?” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

A small but rapidly-growing number of people are taking the viewpoint that humanity has the potential to consciously evolve. They believe that we are evolution becoming conscious of itself. These people constitute a science-based spiritual movement which was so far focused on:

a) refraining major religion through the eyes of evolution (Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, Michael Dowd etc.)

b) learning and teaching evolutionary science and its new spiritual significance (Brian Swimme, Elisabet Sahtouris, Duane Elgin, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Joanna Macy and many others)

c) celebrating the Great Story of evolution and humanity’s role in it (Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elisabet Sahtouris, Charles Eisenstein, David Christian etc)

d) personal development in light of evolutionary dynamics (Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Stewart, Charles Eisenstein)

The evolutionary consciousness gives us the awareness that we are living in an ever-evolving Universe. It makes us aware that our understanding is partial, because we live in a dynamic Universe, that is never the same. We have to evolve continuously to keep with our environment, to manage an adequate insertion into Reality.

The evolutionary consciousness gives us new senses to perceive that our world is dynamic. It gives us a new way to understand ourselves and insert ourselves in our dynamic environments. It is much more than simple cognitive understanding that “the Universe is a dance”: We start to feel the dance! We start to learn how to dance in an improvised way! Actually, this is what Life is all about.

We understand that we can change ourselves and we should do. With the evolutionary consciousness, we start to live in a dynamic world. It gives us the understanding that we can consciously evolve; that it is a real possibility to choose the direction of our evolution. We can imagine and choose who to become and how our societies could be, just as we already have imagined better tools. We can consciously change our myths / informational layers. We can change the rules of the game. We can switch from competition and exploitation to cooperation and regeneration. We can change our purposes in life as we continue to evolve or as our environments continue to change.

But how to evolve an evolutionary consciousness?

We have to become spiritual nomads to engage life as a journey. We have to cross as many times as possible “our thresholds” that always try to close us in a static world.

It is not about traveling around the world: it is about reinventing yourself and being co-creator of a more harmonious society. Most of all, we have to learn how to listen to our hearts, to listen to the Song of the Universe. Be honest with yourself and follow your innermost allurements.

As always, this consciousness is a gift you will be granted by our Great Goddess of Life. But you need first to meet the Goddess. (see The Hero’s Journey Map)

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