“We are being integrated into one interactive and inter-feeling body by the same forces of evolution that drew atom to atom and cell to cell. Every tendency in us toward greater wholeness, unity and connectedness is reinforced by nature’s tendency toward holism. Integration is inherent to the process of evolution. Unity does not mean homogeneity. Unity increased diversity: we are becoming ever more connected as a planet while we are seeking further individuality for our cultures, for our groups, for ourselves” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

Holarchic consciousness comes from this double perspective: toward yourself and your environment. A holarchic consciousness can integrate individual and community, personal wellbeing and community wellbeing. It is truly a “more dimensional” perspective than the self-centered one. Holarchic consciousness could bring forth unity through diversity, being able to integrate synergistic what, at a lower level of consciousness, seems mutual exclusive realities. It can build cohesion not through conformity, but in an organic way through even more individualization and cooperation. It brings forth to humanity a new level of organization: neither a hierarchy nor a heterarchy, but a holarchy. Holarchic architecture resembles an organism.

How to evolve a holarchic consciousness?

Try to live like a holon, in a community, aware that you are part of something greater than yourself and aware that your wellbeing is dependent on your community wellbeing. Try to increase the levels of inter-dependency and symbiosis with other humans. Try to build and live in a holarchic human organization. This is the only way. The Butterfly Communities Open-Project I propose to you is about imagining and building a holarchic social architecture.

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