I wish to say a few words on why we might want to adopt Voluntary Simplicity; why we might want to step out of the race and begin shaping a simple life of our own.

Consumer culture can distract us from what is best in our lives. It keeps many of us locked in a work–and–spend cycle that has no end and attains no lasting satisfaction. But if we rethink our relationship with money and possessions, we may be able to free up more time and energy for the pursuit of what truly inspires us and makes us happy, whatever that may be. A Voluntary Simplicity way of living can enhance the meaning and joy of our lives.

I believe that if the Voluntary Simplicity Movement is to expand, it must be shown that simple living does not generate deprivations, but actually frees people from an insidiously addictive consumerism and an unhealthy relationship between us. In fact, many people are drawn to simplicity because they want to escape the rat race and live more authentic lives.

Nowadays we have a great chance – that probably our ancestors did not have: to manage to produce what we need for a safe and healthy life, living in the same time in a meaningful way. But somehow we miss this chance because we can not escape from the vicious circle of consumerism. Voluntary Simplicity means to consciously choose to get out of this vicious circle and start to build for you an authentic life.