What is Consciousness?

Cognition is the ability to know-communicate. The scientific* perspective presents cognition as the ability of a living being to know its environment and communicate with it. Cognition emerges as a consequence of continuous interaction between the living being and its environment. Living is a process of cognition. *Initiated by Humberto Maturana in 1978 with the […]

The evolution of superorganisms

Let us try to understand the concept of the superorganism. First, it is a specific biological organization above the level of individual organisms. Although the term superorganism has a venerable pedigree, it became a pariah among biologists during the middle years of the XX-century and was widely criticized as an inappropriate metaphor. However, this “head-in-the-bag […]

The Principles of Life

If we take decisions only from our narrow-minded self-interested perspective  (against the Great Circle of Life we belong to), the outcome is exactly the ecological and social crisis that we are facing now. We can not solve our problems with the same self-centered perspective we have created in the first place. If we want to […]

The power of Rituals

The power of myths and rituals Any metaphysics is a spiritual map that helps a specific community to navigate its changing world. It offers cues to the spiritual potentialities of human life. Metaphysics is the Song of the Universe translated by poets and prophets into human words. The poets have this amazing gift to listen […]

Group Selection and its consequences for human evolution

Functional Group selection The basic idea of group selection theory is that the logic of natural selection acting at the level of individual organisms can also be applied to the level of groups (of course, if these groups are highly functional, behaving rather as super-organisms). Group selection is a proposed mechanism of evolution in which […]

Andras Angyal’s model for personality

He proposes self-determination and self-surrender as the basic aspects of personality development. The tendency towards self-determination makes the individual unique and the one towards self-surrender allows him to participate in society. The development of only one of those tendencies produces an unhealthy personality and a distasteful society. (This is precisely what the state-oriented education does […]

The Hero’s Journey Archetype

The hero myth pattern studies were popularized by Joseph Campbell, who was influenced by Carl Jung’s view of myth. In his 1949 work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell described the basic narrative pattern as follows: “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous […]

The inevitable collapse of modern civilization

Informed by the old metaphysics of “conquering”, within Red, Blue, Orange and Green civilizations was always an inner structural contradiction between castes. There was a fundamental inner contradiction of our society, embedded in its organizing principles and codes of law. During the last two developmental cycles, we never managed to design a social organization able […]

What a Yellow-Turquoise consciousness might entail?

Yellow-Turquoise level of consciousness Introduction What do we need to evolve in order to integrate the complexity of our world, to be able to overpass our challenges? What a Yellow-Turquoise consciousness might entail? Reflexive Consciousness Duane Elgin (The Awakening Earth) opened my eyes to reflexiveness: you need to take a distance in order to see […]

The Koryos Fellowship

The kóryos institution We are in the late Copper Age era (3000 BC), somewhere in nordic pontic steppes, in what is called Yamnaya Culture. The Koryos fellowships were composed of adolescent males (presumably from 18–19 years of age), coming from ruling class families and initiated together into a warlike manhood. After undergoing different trials to […]