Invitation for co-creating the first Butterfly Fellowship

Part I: WHY? I believe that all those who are reading this article are involved in one way or another in a movement of spiritual renewal. We all are searching for “something” in this direction, for a breakthrough out of the current cultural and social predetermination. I believe we all are on the verge of […]

A new calendar for Butterfly Communities

There are rituals that are one in a lifetime (as birth or death), that are almost daily (cooking or working) and that are cyclical, following the year wheel, trailing the seasons. All this world of rituals and celebrations could be weaved in what we call a calendar. A unique metaphysics informed every culture and society. […]

The Stories we tell others about ourselves

The stories we tell others about ourselves are very important, because they are powerful tools in shaping our relations for better or worst. Humans always share stories. So, let us craft these stories we tell others about ourselves in ways that are more conducive to their well-being! Let us craft these stories to be more […]

The Stories we tell ourselves about others

The story we tell ourselves about others is so important! Just becoming aware of the necessity of this kind of story in our life is a huge step forward in every personal evolutionary journey. Although it is so important, it is not the first on our “spiritual needs” list. Not many people are able to […]

The Stories we tell ourselves

The Stories we tell ourselves – about ourselves, about the Universe, about others etc – are very important, because these stories will in-form our perceptions and motivations, will guide our evolution and, in the end, will direct our decisions and actions. If you are like me and want to build around you healthy human relations […]

How do we perceive others?

Finding a true innovative behavior is about letting ourselves be inspired by “something greater than us”. We are not alone in this Universe: we are connected; we are always part of something greater than us. There is “something greater than us” that we feel to be part of, to be connected with- The Great Circle […]

The Circle of Needs

I am interested in understanding human needs, because I want to find an elegant way for a society to fulfill its members’ needs. I want to find a symbiotic way and not a conflictual one. It is obvious that a symbiotic way will be more efficient. But there is a barrier to this symbiotic way: […]


Our WHY: To discover a better way to live To strengthen the ability to survive and thrive. We live in a VUCA world: A different world requires a different approach. Therefore, we are searching for a new way, for a breakthrough, that will help us to thrive now and in the future. What kind of […]

The eight petals that are dancing in a circle

The logo of the Butterfly Communities primarily symbolizes collaboration and synergy. It is the circle-dance of joy and integration of human diversity. It’s a whirlpool of energy and inspiration. It is the representation of the Great Circle of Life. It is the representation of our Mother Planet. It is also like a cell: you can […]

Symbiotic Behavior

There are a lot of needs and aspirations that we humans have to fulfil in order to thrive. How can we fulfill more efficient our needs? Though humans have all the same basic needs (see levels 1-4), we can be very different in our ways to fulfill our needs. Unfortunately, we tend to fulfill our […]