Butterfly Goddess was an important symbol of the European Neolithic, in particular for Minoan civilization. The butterfly was from ancient times a powerful symbol of regeneration. The various stages of the life cycle of a butterfly can be seen as representing the cycle of life – death and rebirth. The rather spectacular change from crawling worm to a gorgeous creature that flies from flower to flower is Nature’s affirmation that transcendence is possible. The butterfly’s stages of metamorphosis have long given humans a metaphor for the hope that they too might be capable of such transformation. Representations of the butterfly date back to the Paleolithic and were found from southwestern France (Niaux cave), the Italian and Balkan peninsula, until Iraq (Halaf culture). Also, it occurs on Çatalhöyük wall-paintings.

I am honored that today, through my own representations of the Great Goddess, I can convey the same message of hope in the regeneration of our society!

What symbol could be a better fit for our transforming world than Butterfly Goddess?! Let’s make Goddess Butterfly once again become one of the most powerful and inspiring representations!