We aren’t speaking about different types of consciousness, but different aspects of the same Universe-centered consciousness. Reading, experiencing, reflecting, integrating, loving, you become more and more aware that everything is inter-connected.

Holistic Consciousness is about perceiving the Whole we are part of.

How to evolve toward a holistic consciousness?

Let Life flows through you! Let Life self-expresses through you! Life is an amazing alchemy laboratory.

Once I was in a forest (very harmed by what I heard about ecological and social disasters from everywhere) and I asked Mother Nature to eliminate the people who are aggressing all others and the whole Planet, which can not be stopped otherwise. (There was a theory, related with 21 December 2012 as a new starting point of humanity, from when – through some kind of differences between Life vibrations and the vibrations which are against Life – the people who are against Life will get ill and disappear in time.) Mother Nature answered me instantly, kindly and (not) surprisingly: “I can not do such a thing! It is their right to choose whatever they want.” “If you want to have such an amazing and transcendent, unpredictable and so divers Universe; if you want to have a living, self-creative Universe, you need to allow the liberty!” “If you want to have some kind of mechanical, tyrannical Universe – yes – we can introduce some certain rules of behavior. But if you want a Universe like ours, if you want Life and wonder and evolution, you need to allow the liberty – whatever liberty will choose to do.”

“Everything which looks like a false road, mistake, destruction or anomaly is just another step on the evolutionary spiral. It is the challenge that brings forth the condition for evolution. The creation is always the fruit of the challenge and goes hand in hand with destruction. The Universe is not a “perfect” mechanism-like place: it is alive! It is full of death and renewal, full of pain and evolution, full of challenges and unexpected. Look from above! What you will see is just the mystic road of Life which is creating itself step by step.”

Since then, there is for me only solidarity in my eyes and my heart for the human species! There is no separation between “good” and “evil” humans: just solidarity. There is no separation between humans and planet Earth, with all its mountains, oceans, animals and forests. There is just solidarity. We are together as One, with no philosophical or religious exaggeration. One Great Circle of Life, with its challenges, pains and wonders.

Perceiving through this kind of lens, for me it is easy to reject “the fighting evil” mythologies and to choose the ones that are speaking about Universe as an integrated whole.

Since then, what I used to call “evil”, “madness”, “stupidity” became just steps on the mystic road of life evolution. Life has its unpredictable ways to go forward. Somewhere, way over my understanding, is another level of order, coherence and meaning!

In an instant, I was overwhelmed by an unusual joy and hope!

It is about a fundamental hope, a fundamental trust in the power of Life, a fundamental joy!

Life is a free, improvised, unpredictable dance, not a march with predetermined moves. It is beyond us to control it. It has its own order, brought forth not through an ideological control, but through free participation of each of us. It is beyond us to judge others’ movements. What we can do is to trust the power of Life and learn to dance with others in an improvised way. What we know for sure is that Life has always found a way to go forward. It always finds even more beautiful and harmonious forms to unveil itself.

Living in Nature, feeling the connection with The Great Circle of Life, I started to be hopeful and serene amid our ecological and social disasters. I started to feel solidary with all the humans, with all the living beings, with all the Earth.

I started to look to our planet as the womb which nourishes us. I started to see the Universe Story as my story. I started to see human history as my history. The Polynesians crossing the seas and discovering new islands are my ancestors. Then I started to feel and trust the power of Life. I understood that from my connection with the Whole comes my joy. From my connection with the Whole comes my hope. From the connection with the Whole comes my biophilia and solidarity. From my connection with the Whole comes my life and my meaning to live.

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