Finding a true innovative behavior is about letting ourselves be inspired by “something greater than us”. We are not alone in this Universe: we are connected; we are always part of something greater than us.

There is “something greater than us” that we feel to be part of, to be connected with- The Great Circle of Life. Between us and this higher level of organization we are part of, there is bidirectional communication. As I said often, the Universe is a dialogue. Through this dialogue is emerging for us a space of meaning and understanding that informs us to integrate ourselves more adequately in this functional whole, it informs us on how to become a functional part of it. Becoming a functional part of this “greater than us reality” is what truly fulfills us. There is a “future that wants to emerge” that is evoking us to serve its unfolding and we find meaning, fulfillment and joy in this participation. For us, “fulfilling our functional role” is tightly related to the people around us.

One of our first steps is about telling yourself a story that helps you to reconnect things (events, “facts”) in a way that helps you to synergize with other people and perceive your life as a learning process, as an evolution toward something clear. In this story we tell ourselves we perceive ourselves in relation to the human community we aim to be a functional part of. We perceive ourselves as relational beings in a never-ending dialogue and co-evolution with all others participants of our social and ecological environment.

So, an innovative behavior is about deciding – consciously – who you want to become, how you want to interact with others and what kind of world you want to co-create with others. This story is as much about others as is about you. So, it is very important that in this story you tell yourself about others, they to be perceived in a way that makes sense for them too.

If you perceive them in any way that is downsizing them, of course, this story will not help you to synergize with them in ways that make sense for them. For sure you are not welcoming them in your life and they do not feel welcome by you. That is why relational thinking is very important. It enhances the relations. It sees people not as means toward a purpose, but it sees the relation itself as the purpose. Relational thinking/attitude honors the selves and gives them love and space for healthy development. We have to understand that we cannot go any further if we continue to perceive others as means for our goals and not as values in themselves that have to be honored.

If your story values you, your story has to value others in the same way. There is no chance for true cooperation or co-evolution toward mutual consistency without perceiving others in ways that make sense for them too, honor them and praise them too. Without true relational thinking, we can not develop any true symbiosis.

It is important how we choose to perceive others. It is a choice that will inform our perception later. It is a choice that actually will become a self-fulfilling prophecy! This choice will power us with the energy that can build bridges or walls. Yes, the choice is always ours!

Then, crafting an innovative behavior is about understanding something very important about adaptation. There are two ways of adaptation: to fit your social environment or to reshape it, to make it more conducive to yourself, to your values etc. An innovative behavior is always a step further in any species evolution and is rather about niche creation. (Social) niche creation is the outcome of cooperation – of the intelligence and creativity that imagine and bring forth new social spaces.

To better survive/ thrive, living beings cooperate to create an environment conducive to their well-being. This cooperation is consciously oriented toward holarchic organization and correlation (mutual consistency).

More about holons, holarchies and holarchic organization/relation: Each holon is a whole in itself, an entity and, at the same time, it is part of a greater holon (its environment). Trying to maintain its integrity, each holon is fulfilling its functional role in its ecosystem. It is important to understand: the holon is always evolving in relation to its environment, is evolving to better fulfill its functional role. Its “personality” or “individuality” – or how we want to name it – is in tight correlation and co-evolution with its environment through the functional role it has to fulfill. Through this function, it participates in the maintenance/regeneration of its ecosystem and, at the same time, it gets its means of living and, related with its level of consciousness, its joy and fulfillment.

Conscious Evolution is orienting us toward holarchic organization and behavior. The holarchy is the architecture of life and, if we apply Life principles as our social organizing principles, our communities will grow holarchical in a natural way. Mutual consistency always brings forth holarchic organization. The cells in your organism bring forth your organism through their holarchic relationship.

A fair human-scale community is the best social environment for authentic development and self-expression. But Conscious Evolution or conscious innovative behavior is aiming much further: to build a holarchic human society of a global scale, where the fair human-scale community is the cells of a meta-social organism.

But all starts from the way you choose to perceive the others around you.