When we talk about transformation, the most common image that comes to mind is the image of the butterfly – a creature of beauty that brings joy to our soul.

The transformation begins when something in us pushes us to want something else. Often we may not know even what we want and we just have a feeling, a momentum toward something else.

Everyone knows that the evolutionary process of a butterfly start from a caterpillar. The caterpillar knows that she must eat and this drives her forward. The same thing happens with us. Before the leap forward, we have an yearning to seek, to investigate, to experiment. We are almost the same, in our old form, just starting to open our souls to unsuspected. It is the time of “cocoon” when we start to transform the new received informations and reimagine our new universe.

This period of “incubation” may take some time. It is called crisis. Inside us many changes are happening. You may not see them immediately. During this period our lives can become uncomfortable. But we know this: getting out of the “comfort zone” and entering into one of discomfort leads us to evolution, to disruption of the old ways. Step by step butterfly emerge from cocoon. He is forced to imagine new ways to find his way out. To become part of a new life he will had to give up his old shape and create another. Just as we do when we are determined to pass on our old barriers and attitudes.

The transformation starts when our old understanding and attitude can not help us anymore. We have some degree of resistance to discard them. However, their change becomes a necessity. Fairly quickly the old forms become obsolete and we are forced to change them with others more sustainable or resilient. This transformation may involve a radical change of our values and lifestyle.

When we get out of cocoon, we need time to get used with the new circumstances. Things looks different to us and we need to adjust them to our new identity. Our behavior is changed. Many people disappear from our lives because they do not resonate with the transformations we went through. At the same time we approach to other people who are going through a similar process. Step by step all the energy flows more freely through our new form. When we become confident with our new self, we begin to feel increasingly freer, like a butterfly that flies gracefully among flowers. In the 21st century human society is experiencing a metamorphosis similar to a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.

The symbol of the butterfly can become a powerful incentive to finally start our transformation, to breakthrough toward a meaningful and more authentic life! We can use this symbol like a tool in order to, whenever we see it, remember ourselves about our commitment to do not stop until we will become a free butterfly!