The new physics and biology describe Reality as material and spiritual at the same time. The universe is fundamentally alive and conscious. Life is the main force that animate and shapes our world.

The spirit of the Universe – the Cosmic Dynamics – enlivens matter so it becomes alive. The universe behaves like an organism-like system that self-creates itself: the Universe is a never-ending embryogenesis.

A vivid spirit gives Nature shape and animates her. The same spirit animates and gives shape to my being. I am a part of The Great Circle of Life! I feel this at every breath. I am grateful to The Great Goddess of Life!

Gaia theory is not just a scientific theory, it is much more: a paradigm by which we discover that our living Universe is interconnected and collaborative in every aspect. The biosphere is just a part of a larger life that animates mountains, waters, air and the whole Earth.

The Earth is a living system that maintains its homeostasis. The mountains and oceans and forests – as organs of Gaia super-organism – are interconnected in the Great Circle of Life.

A cell, a plant, an eagle, or a wolf are not machines. They are alive. That means they are free to self-determine. They could be unpredictible. Our Planet is not a machine: SHE is the Great Goddess of Live. She is our Great Mother Nature.

This new and so old spirituality of peace and partnership, interconnectivity, and symbiosis could build a new human civilization, more peaceful and more connected with Nature. We have to regain our love for Mother Nature! The Great Goddess could become the symbol for our newly discovered love and for our new commitment to Life!