The Stories we tell ourselves – about ourselves, about the Universe, about others etc – are very important, because these stories will in-form our perceptions and motivations, will guide our evolution and, in the end, will direct our decisions and actions.

If you are like me and want to build around you healthy human relations – you will tell yourself a story about others that is conducive to fairness, cooperation, mutual-consistency and healthy relations. If you want to find a way to overcome the social and ecological crises we are now facing, you will craft a story about the evolution of Life and human species that is conducive to this outcome. If you want to make a step further in your personal evolution, you will change the story you tell yourself about yourself with one able to inform this step further.

These “stories” I am talking about express our deep metaphysical choices, that will make all the difference for the future unfolding of our lives. First, they will make a difference in what we value more, in what becomes important for us. Hence, these stories will change the way we perceive the world and choose to interact with it. So, they will change our inner reality: these stories have the power to change us, to reinvent us! Second, they have the power to reshape our outer world, accordingly. A story about others that is conducive to fairness, cooperation and mutual-consistency will bring forth such a world around us. If we really let ourselves be informed by these consciously crafted stories, they could become self-fulfilling prophecies. A story about Universe that chooses to perceive it as alive will inform new behaviors, more conducive to fairness and ecological sustainability – that will bring forth around us a social space organized more like an organism, hence conducive to fairness and authentic participation.

But how can we craft such stories that could beneficially influence our lives? These stories are not random. They are inspired by above. Yes, they are human creation – or better said – human co-creation, but they are not randomly “invented” by humans: they are inspired by above: so, let yourself be inspired by above! The universe is literally a dialogue. From this dialogue with the “Universe” (a book you read, a film you see, music you listen to, a person you speak with, a forest you walk through, a lake you swim) could emerge a space of meaning, of possibilities and invitations, of inspiration and intuitions. From this emerging space of meaning, we craft our stories.

Of course, they are not random, and of course, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, about the Universe, about the human species, about others etc. work in synergy, they are complementary. Actually, these stories are just one Story that becomes our metaphysics. Let yourself be inspired by above and craft meaningful stories about the Universe, about yourself, about others.

These stories are fundamental for human life. We always crafted stories that helped us to make sense of the world around and find inspiration to overcome our challenges. These stories are not random: they are purposely crafted to help us overcome our challenges and take a step further in our evolutionary journey. They inform our values and perceptions, our motivations and emotions, our behaviors and actions.