When we perceive our reality as a living one, we cease to enforce control upon it. We just want to be part of this living reality. Our goal becomes not to enforce control but to participate. We sense somehow the reality which wants to emerge and we learn how to participate in this dialogue.

Though embracing uncertainty is becoming a mainstream topic, it is very hard to let go of certainty and embrace uncertainty. Why is it so? “Embracing the uncertainty” makes no sense if your basic metaphysics tells you that you are living in a mechanic-like Universe where everything should be in an order related to your sense of control.

Only the new level of Universe-centered consciousness gives us the awareness, the understanding and the feeling that we are living in a living Universe and its higher order is beyond what we can control. Its order is something that emerges continuously from our participation. We relate to this higher order through our inner senses: we can feel the living reality. Otto Scharmer calls this kind of inter-relation: presense. Only if we feel the living reality, “embracing the uncertainty” could become our way of living in and interacting with our living reality. “Embracing the uncertainty” is the only way that is allowing us to participate properly in our living reality.

From a static point of view, we call it “uncertainty” (and we associate it with randomness, chaos and lack of “order”), but from a living point of view is not randomness or chaos, but is dialogue and coherent dance; it is emergent co-creation beyond our levels of individual control or design. If we will manage to change our ways from predict-and-control to sense-and-respond and will engage properly in this participation, we will feel connected and alive. It will make us feel that we are part of something greater than us – part of a synergy, part of Life! It will give us joy and empathy for all that is surrounding us, the ability to communicate and empathize with all our “brothers and sisters” with whom we are co-creating the whole: be they mountains, trees or people. It will help us to feel our environment as a living reality that has a “spirit”, a living organizing principle that orchestrates its coherence and harmony.

Every myth is a self-fulfilling prophecy: If we choose to see the Universe as a mechanism, we will engage life under the lens of ideological control bringing forth a mechanism-like human society. We’ll live as cogs in a mechanism. If we perceive the Universe as a living reality, as a synergy, we’ll engage life under the lens of authentic participation and will bring forth an organism-like human society where we will live as authentic living beings.

We begin to feel that our planet has, like any living system, an inherent order, resilience and coherence built into it; it has a natural flow of relationships that bring it forth. It is only when we disturb the natural flow of relationships, of genuine contribution and collaboration by creating non-physiological, ideological social structures, that we create disharmony, disbalance and real disorder. What we perceive as order under our control is actually a disorder from Life’s perspective. Orange political and economic laws are definitely against Life Laws.

From a self-centered level of consciousness, it is hard to see “the big picture” and all the interconnections that bring forth our living planet. From a self-centered consciousness, all that we can do is to force living reality to fit our narrow-minded perspective, imposed on others as an “objective” or “revealed” truth. From a Universe-centered level, we perceive our planet as a living system we are part of. If we start to see the world through the lens of a living, adaptive system, we can co-create a human society more like an organism and less like a mechanism.

Our aim could and should be to create a human civilization like an organism. For a self-centered static consciousness, it is impossible to co-create such a society. But for a more integrative level of consciousness, it starts to be possible. A living society could evolve and adapt by itself. We just have to start even a rudimentary one and it will come to life! We could be its stewards.