1. Butterfly Communities

Butterfly Communities” aims to become an alternative social space, a world where those involved could better survive and thrive in the incoming VUCA world.

Butterfly Communities” is an open-project you can join with your creativity and commitment.

We need a conscious and proactive movement able to foster a systemic transition: from the current political-economic organization (whose outcome is the current crisis we are facing) toward a new political-economic organization that is conducive to social fairness and ecological sustainability. Of course, this proactive and conscious systemic transition requests a whole new understanding and level of consciousness.

The main purpose of our seminars and courses is to assist this development. If we want a true social change, a true systemic transition, we need a true personal transformation. 

“Butterfly Communities” open-project could become a space of collaboration and fairness, a space of authentic and meaningful life – a living laboratory where we, together, will prototype a better way of human co-living.

Participation in the Butterfly Communities Open-Project is all about shifting your life strategies from individualistic to collaborative ones. Read more about our breakthrough here.

2. Our Worldview

The new science describes Reality as material and spiritual at the same time. The Universe is fundamentally alive and conscious. Life is the main force that animates and shapes our world.

This new worldview of a Living Planet fosters a spirituality of collaboration and partnership and will build a new human civilization, a fair and ecologically sustainable one.

The well-known Gaia Theory is not just a scientific theory, it is much more: a paradigm by which we discover that our Living Universe is interconnected and collaborative in every aspect. 

3. Our Mission

What we want to create is what everyone wants: a fair human world where we could help each other, could raise our children safely, and express ourselves authentically.

Our mission is to create the conditions for this kind of alternative social space to emerge. 

You can provide people with all the data in the world on the need to change their life style and their life purpose to better face their challenges, but they are not likely to act any differently. However, the powerful narrative (metaphysics) of the Living Universe and the Butterfly Communities alternative social space can move people to reevaluate their situation and engage life differently.

A unifying story can provide shared values and a shared purpose. It can provide the clarity, the motivation and the momentum to act together to achieve a meaningful common goal. Our mission is to spread the New Story of the Living Universe.

The “Butterfly Communities” open project aims to become an alternative social space for those who understand that it is the time to change themselves and act differently: consciously and proactively toward a fair and sustainable society.

This open project could become the living laboratory in which those who join it will enjoy an authentic manifestation and a social environment conducive to their values. (farther readings: Shaping the Serendipity through Open-Projects)

4. An Open Project

Butterfly Communities Open-Project is about a new way of human organization.

Its aim is to bring to life human-scale communities based on new organizing principles that mimic Nature’s principles. Therefore, we can assure that this human organization will be fair, participative and harmoniously integrated into the planetary ecosystem. It will become a social space in which everyone has the chance to express themselves authentically (in each of human life areas: politic, economic, artistic, educational or religious etc). If you wholeheartedly choose collaborative strategies, you can become part of such a social environment.

In this brief introduction we want to emphasize that this open project is – first and foremost – a developmental journey, an evolutionary step further of our species. It requests from everyone to cross the important threshold in human evolution from individualistic life strategies to collaborative ones; from a competitive / hierarchic social organization to a collaborative / holarchic one.

We, as a species, have to cross this threshold, if we want to continue our evolutionary journey. We have to learn how to integrate individual well-being with community well-being, having a shared purpose. The need to integrate human diversity and create a higher level of coherence and social collaboration requires the evolution of a higher level of consciousness.

This open project is aiming to find better ways of human organization, new organizing principles that foster a fair society, harmoniously integrated in our planetary ecosystems.

Those who want to build a social space conducive to authentic expression, will engage this open-project primarily as a laboratory where they have the chance to prototype collaborative and holarchic way of human organization. Step by step we will understand what works and what doesn’t and will improve our social space to better serve our needs and aspirations.

I address those who understand that we must evolve to overcome our challenges. I propose them to take their spiritual journey engaging creatively in the co-creation of a fair society.  Butterfly Communities is an open project that involves both a journey of spiritual becoming and a journey of social transformation.

Butterfly Communities project is based on a few simple principles, that are innate to human spirit: solidarity, participation, cooperation and voluntary simplicity.

Around Butterfly Communities open-project many young people could find a way to live, could find a home. (further readings: Butterfly Communities, articles from the Butterfly Communities Category).

5. Become a Partner

Why somebody would want to involve itself in this open-project? Here is our WHY, HOW and WHAT.

It becomes a vital necessity for individual well-being to find better strategies that could ensure a greater degree of protection in the face of the unknown that awaits us in the future.

Butterfly Communities Open-Project offers you the chance to join other people that wants the same thing as you: to co-create a fairer social space, to interact in healthier ways with other humans, to express themselves authentically.

The good news is that this open project is at its beginning. Therefore, it offers you a a chance to have a significant participation. There is a place waiting for you, a place whose co-creation you can participate with your ideas and creativity.

Butterfly-Communities is an emerging social space where you could be appreciated and valued, could enjoy a meaningful life. It depends on us that this project to become a valuable alternative for a better life for you and me. (read “Become a Partner”)

6. A Shared Purpose, A Shared Worldview

The shared purpose and shared worldview are collaboration’s most unacknowledged determinants. Butterfly Communities open project aims for collaboration: therefore, it aims for shared worldview and shared purpose.

This proactive and conscious systemic transition requests a shared understanding and a shared vision. If we want a true social change, a true systemic transition, we need a true personal transformation. for its members.

Our Planet is a living system. This is our worldview. Therefore, aligning with Nature principles, we are aiming to co-create a fair world resembling rather a living ecosystem, harmoniously integrated into the planetary ecosystem. This is our larger purpose.

As our participation in creating a fair and ecologically sustainable world, our goal is to create communities on a human scale, self-sufficient and self-governed.

Does this purpose make sense to you?

Would you like to co-create a fairer alternative social space?

Do you want to be part of a more ecological economic approach?

When you are framing a social space, you are framing its organizing principles. It is obvious that only the people who share the same principles will be able to collaborate effectively.

Our mission is to inspire people to come together in efficient ways

You have to decide for yourself if you resonate with Butterfly Communities worldview and purpose. Joining the emerging Butterfly Community, you can be sure you are joining a community of people that share the same purpose, values and vision like you.

Our Statement

We want to join the cultural movement for a systemic and coherent transition toward a fair political and economic civilization (that subsequently will be more ecologically sustainable).

For this individual and social transformation to take place, what we need, first and foremost, is to root ourselves into the new metaphysics of the Living Universe, that is based on the last scientific understanding and discoveries. We can not expect to solve our crisis from the same understanding and level of consciousness that created it in the first place. Only from a Universe-centered consciousness (that is able to embrace the whole Planet as its new self) we can overcome our social and ecological crisis, aligning our legal, political, economic, social systems with the principles of Life.

This change has to start with everyone of us, at individual level.

For this beginning, we are ready to offer you seminars and courses, that are weaving together a coherent worldview and vision – as the basis for you to develop the necessary skills for holarchic relationships, symbiotic behavior and cooperative life strategies.

Based on this new understanding, many people, especially the young one, will feel to sustain each-other, organizing themselves in cooperative associations.

“Butterfly Community” open-project proposes the scientific-based perspective of the Living Universe as the metaphysics of a new way of social organization (holarchic organization with autonomy and quasi-self-sufficiency at every level of social integration, having as basic building blocks the human-scale “Butterfly” communities). It has a coherent vision of what a possible fair human society could look like, how the systemic transition will unfold, and what kind of strategies we have to employ to reach these goals.

Who resonates with this worldview, vision and cooperative strategies will unite themselves to form the first “Butterfly” brotherhoods, clans and communities – the buds of a possible future “Butterfly” Society – in the midst of our collapsing society. As the imaginal cells of the butterfly are doing in the dying body of the caterpillar.

Besides a widespread cultural movement (songs, dances and all other artistic expressions), a top priority should be the building of “impressive examples” of alternative communities, that could offer examples of different (conducive to fairness) human communities/organizations than mainstream “business-as-usual”, “society-as usual” or “individualist behavior as usual” currently offers.

The alternative of Butterfly Communities (holarchic social organization with autonomy and quasi-self-sufficiency at every level of social integration, having as basic building blocks the human-scale “Butterfly” communities) will require a great deal of conscientious participation based on a clear and coherent worldview, with its clear and coherent political and economical engagement.

Such communities cannot function satisfactorily unless the majority of their members share a common coherent worldview, a common vision and purpose and common strategies to achieve their purposes. This new way of human organization requires a radical “reinvention” of what a human society should be and an individual transformation from individualistic to cooperative life strategies, on one hand, and from exploitative/unsustainable to regenerative/ecologically sustainable life strategies, on the other hand.

We need a coherent systemic transition from our current society to one that is fair and sustainable. For this systemic transition to work, it really needs to be coherent! And, as its first step, it should start with a radical transformation at the metaphysical level – the level that informs all the next steps and layers.

These coherent and systemic steps require far more skills and social involvement than most citizens have in today’s consumer society. All these required habits, values and skills can only be built through the long experience of living in self-sufficient, self-governing communities. Butterfly Communities could become: 1) social spaces where their members will develop these necessary values, skills, and behaviors; 2) “impressive examples” that would establish this fair and ecological way of living more firmly in the human historical record and cultural memory; 3) “living laboratories” where humanity can prototype – in safe political and economical conditions – a fair and ecological society – as a proactive systemic transition toward a future fair human society.

The skills and habits must be learned from living in societies which are responsible for their own government and maintenance. The more successful we are in getting thriving examples going, the more firmly will the desirability of “this fair way” be established in human consciousness.

The most important area for the development of Butterfly Communities is not the intentional rural “eco-village”, where most action is currently taking place, but on the deep personal transformation from individualistic toward cooperative life strategies. This is the only step forward – in our evolutionary journey as individuals and as a species – that will make a difference! From this new understanding, we can unite ourselves in small “brotherhoods” that could allow us to live in a more symbiotic way. A more symbiotic way is – by definition – fairer and with a smaller ecological footprint.

Our focus is on a gradual, but systemic and proactive transformation: at the beginning at a personal level and then at social level. This systemic transformation requests, first of all, a change of the metaphysics we root our values, perceptions, priorities, decisions and actions.

There is no chance for any systemic change at the macro-level, if there is no systemic change at the metaphysical level! And this change should start with our personal transformation. For this gradual, but coherent and systemic personal transformation to take place, a wise strategy is to unite ourselves and co-create (alternative) social spaces 1) consciously designed to be conducive to social fairness and minimal ecological footprint and 2) having a very coherent vision, worldview and strategies. This is what “Butterfly Communities” open-project is about first and foremost.