Why people would want to involve themselves in this open-project?

It is not mine to decide for you what purpose is worthy to assign to your life and what kind of life-strategy is better for you. You will have to decide this for yourself. But for people who resonates with the new scientific worldview that perceive the Planet as a living system for sure the proposal of co-creating an alternative social space, that mimics Nature’s principles for its organization, it will make sense.

Choosing to join this open project, to become one of its co-creator, it is similar to any other choice you have to take in order to build the life you want. You can choose to build your own business or you can choose to build it together with others, in a co-operative way. You can choose to build your own house or build a bigger house with others, in a co-ownership/ co-living way. You can choose to earn money as an employee in a company or you can choose to do in life what makes more sense for you, along with others in a co-creative way. You can choose to raise your children in a nuclear family or to raise them in a co-parenting way (as we did almost all our history as a species, while we were living in clans and tribes). You can choose to educate your children in an institutional way or in a more adequate way, in a community school where you – the parents – design the educational environment for your children. You can choose to buy food from supermarket or you can choose, together with others, to have your own greenhouses and farms where you can grow your own healthy food.

Let me tell you in what ways you could become our partner:

Our ultimate goal is to co-create human communities – alternative social spaces, where people like you can express themselves authentically, where human relationships could flourish healthily, where children could grow up in a rich educational environment etc.

In order to be successful in this social transformation, we need, first of all, to evolve as individuals to a higher level of consciousness, which can integrate the new social complexity. That’s why Butterfly Communities need educators, trainers and artists first and foremost.

The new scientific vision must become songs and dances, poems and legends, theaters and movies. This new scientific vision that perceives the Planet as a living system has the chance to become – for the first time in the history of Humanity – a unifying story for all people. We cannot build a peaceful and coherent society on this Planet if we fail to have a unifying story that will become the foundation of a new human civilization. Butterfly Communities Open-Project aims to tell this New Story to people everywhere. We are living in the best times to do this. Sharing the New Story is not only our highest responsibility, but it is our opportunity to make a meaningful living from this, as teachers, educators and artists.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” (Victor Hugo) I believe that now it comes the time for this idea: human-scale communities, based on Nature organizing principles.

Butterfly Communities aim to base their organizational principles on the very principles of Nature. The new scientific vision has to become not only songs and poems, but the new laws and the new institutions of the next human civilization; the new principles for the future political and economic organization of the world. Therefore, this open project will need lawyers and politicians, economists and entrepreneurs.

Each Butterfly Community aims for self-sufficiency in terms of water, food and energy. We will need architects, engineers, aquaponics and permaculture specialists etc. There is an opportunity for everybody in this generous and courageous open-project.

Now, in the beginning, we are looking for educators and artists, film-makers and Web-designers. You are very welcome!

Our aim for this website is to become a useful platform that could connect different artists and educators with their possible customers. Under “Butterfly Communities” name, hundreds of educators and artist could promote their training-curses and artistic-performances. Obviously, with the only condition that their values to be in resonance with Butterfly Communities values. So, we are now searching for web-designers, film-makers, educators and artists to become our partners.

Butterfly Communities Open-Project is, obviously, an economic enterprise. Our first collaborators have the chance to become our partners in a co-ownership business.

Because this open project is primarily a journey of personal development and we are looking for people who share our values and vision, the best solution to become our collaborators and get to know each other is to participate in one of our courses or seminars, as collaborators. Our courses and seminars are here and here.