Our WHY: To discover a better way to live

  1. To strengthen the ability to survive and thrive.

We live in a VUCA world: A different world requires a different approach. Therefore, we are searching for a new way, for a breakthrough, that will help us to thrive now and in the future.

What kind of approach could help us to thrive in this uncertain time?

For us there is no mystery: only a collaborative one based on shared purpose and an ecological worldview.

2. To reclaim our authenticity and express our gifts into the world

We have understood that we have to reclaim our authenticity and express our gifts into the world.

What could be the best way to express ourselves?

We are wired to be part of something greater than us a human community. Therefore, let us find what could be our functional role in our community.

3. To take ownership of our lives

Taking ownership is about taking initiative. We take ownership when we believe that taking action is not someone else’s responsibility. We want to find a life-strategy that will ensure for us a greater degree of autonomy and resilience. We, as individuals, are accountable for the quality of the world around us.

What could be this life strategy that could ensure a greater degree of autonomy and resilience?

Understanding that the direction of evolution has a direction – and this direction is toward wider and wider scales of cooperation, toward mutual-consistency between the members of Life community – we are aiming to align ourselves with Life principles as our main “how”.

4. To become the change we want to see in the world

We want to be the change we want to see in the world. We want to be part of the solution and not the problem. We want to be society’s step forward.

What could be society’s next step? What would help us overcome this crisis?

Toward social fairness and ecological sustainability. And again, there is no mystery: if we align ourselves with Life principles, we will build a fair and sustainable society, harmoniously integrated into the planetary ecosystem.

5. Conscious Evolution

We understand that human society is ready for an evolutionary leap forward. We want to find a breakthrough from the predeterminism to which today’s society subjects us. Life has always found ways to move forward, experimenting with new solutions.

What could be this new way of living?

Let us co-create together a commons based world.

6. To have a meaningful, joyful and playful life

We don’t want our life to be a struggle. We prefer to perceive and engage life as a Journey, as a Dance, as a Dialogue, as Symbiosis.

How can we engage Life as a Dance/Dialogue/Symbiosis?

Our HOW: Cooperation through Open-Projects

1. The power of open-stories

In general, stories are self-contained: they have a beginning, a middle and an end. Stories are about the story-teller or about some heroes, but they are not about you, the listener. Open-Stories are open-ended: there is no resolution yet. There is some kind of opportunity in the future and it is not clear whether it will materialize or not.

The resolution of the open-story hinges on you, the listener: the resolution depends in part on the choices you will make and the actions you will take. An open-story (an open-project) is a call to action directed at the listeners, stressing the role that they can and need to play in resolving the story.

Effectively framed open-stories/projects are designed to inspire and motivate others to come together to accomplish something that none of us could fully accomplish on our own.

2. The evolution of Life on Earth is toward wider scales of cooperation

The emergence of organisms who are conscious of the direction of evolution is one of the most important steps in the evolution of Life on any planet. Once organisms discover the direction of evolution, they can use it to guide their own evolution. If they know where evolution is going, they can work out what will produce success in the future, and use this to plan how they will evolve.

Being aware of the great patterns of evolution, humans can guide their evolution by forming a picture of how evolution is likely to unfold. They can find trends and patterns in this evolution that might impact on their future chances of survival. They can then use these patterns to see how they must change themselves and the way they are organized in order to continue to be successful.

As individuals, we have to take further our “heroic journey” and “cross our first threshold” from individualistic life-strategies to collaborative ones.

Always, before to reach a new milestone in its evolution toward even larger scale of cooperative organizations, Life had to find a way around those seemingly insurmountable barriers against cooperation.

Now, it is our turn to find a way out!

WHAT an emerging Butterfly Community can offer:

1. Training-courses and seminars

2. Artistic performances

3. We can create and sell different products

4. We can create educational movies, expositions etc.