Our children will speak about these times like the Great Turning times. A new level of human collaboration is emerging, supported by new communication technologies and inspired by a new vision of humanity. A New Story is written. And we are its heroes! Like Bastian from The Neverending Story, we have the courage to rewrite the story of mankind.

A new spirituality, a new vision – based on new discoveries in biology and science – enhances interconnectivity and partnership. This new vision builds new symbols. The Art of each spirituality, through its symbolism, has always the power to unite the community.

My drawings are inspired by the art of ancient civilizations and the latest findings in biology and science. I propose Nature as a source of inspiration for social transformation that will reimagine a fair civilization: with a regenerative economy and an empathetic and responsible human organization. This new social construction is founded on the fundamental quality of humans to be free, creative, with an intrinsic motivation and (if you allow autonomy of their self-government) compassionate and responsible.

A picture may be worth 1000 words! There was once an experiment: someone showed two different pictures in front of two similar groups. One of them was a picture of loneliness: a single sad person, standing alone. Another was a picture of togetherness with a group of happy hugging people. After the presentation of the picture, the presenter dropped (intentionally) some sheets of paper. As expected, the reaction of the two groups was different. Those from ”separation” group felt not so inspired or energized to help. Those from ”toghetherness” group felt inspired and energized to help! Interestingly, those nominated for this experiment were preschool children! The image of togetherness triggers inspiration and energy for compassion, joy and willingness to help at our most basic level. A picture really can be worth 1000 words!