Voluntary Simplicity is related with fairness and friendship.

Co-living movement, co-op movement, commons movement eco-village movement – are all related to friendship and healthy human relations. The idea behind them is simple: collaboration and partnership could be a more appropriate strategy for a better life.

Voluntary Simplicity is about living and working in a meaningful, friendly and ecological way, doing something valuable for you and for your larger community. At the same time, it means living and working in a healthy way, building healthy relations around you.

Fair, healthy and friendly ways are always simple, enjoyable and request not so much struggle. Living and working ways based on inequity and injustice are always disputed, always stressful and request too much struggle. Choosing Voluntary Simplicity means choosing a fair and friendly way to live, with respect for others’ rights, needs and aspirations. And here ”others” means all the living creatures. They have the right to live in their proper way too.