“We can witness the Universe Story of creation as the conception, gestation and birth of a universal humanity capable of understanding the process of evolution and co-creating with it” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

“Today we are beginning to discover a systems perspective to guide our new capacities: one that respects 15 billion year history of successful transformation. Many of us realize that there is an implicate pattern of success, that we are not random events cast on the seas of time, that we are co-creative with evolution itself. We no longer need to be solely reactive to our problems. We can be proactive and choose a future commensurate with our new capacities.” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

“This does not mean we will inevitably succeed. Evolution is a contingency, not an inevitability. We see the potential of evolution in living systems and could take appropriate actions. From now forward, evolution will proceed more by choice and conscious intelligent design than by chance.” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

“I believe such a design exists for our planetary evolution, that the crises and opportunities we face today are triggering the next stage of this design and that we are now being awakened to our personal and social capacities to participate – conscious – in our evolution. It is not “a plan” worked or improved by any group of individuals, but rather a design of evolution, a tendency with which we can cooperate more consciously to repattern our social systems and evolve ourselves. The word “plan” here does not connote a fixed and predetermined path that we must follow. Rather it means that we are seeking the inherent pattern in evolution through more complex orders so that we can formulate specific and pragmatic plans of action based on that tendency.” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

In the next articles (from Conscious Evolution Category), I will try to model Yellow-Turquoise consciousness (see Spiral Dynamics). We have to evolve our level of consciousness to be able to integrate the complexity of our world, to overpass our challenges and bring forth a new human civilization.

We have to evolve toward a civilization that will resemble an ecosystem if we want to thrive as a species. We can not afford to compete with each other anymore. The new human civilization needs to be a fair society. It needs to be oriented to regenerate the planetary ecosystem. For achieving such levels of integration we will need the conscious and correlated work of many humans generations. This will be our Great Work as a civilization. The first steps toward such an accomplishment are already done: our generation needs just to figure out how to make “the next right step”.

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