We need a New Story

Series 1: We need a New Story – Introduction

As a species we are at the end of an evolutionary cycle.

We are hitting two “walls” at the same time. First is an “ecological wall”: our way of living is not sustainable anymore; we are destroying the planetary environment. In order to change our way of living on Earth, to become again a functional part of the Great Circle of Life, we have to “reinvent” ourselves at the species level. And here comes the second “wall” we are hitting: the evolutionary one. We do not have too much time to manage such a radical transformation as individuals and societies.

We have reached a point in our evolution when even inventing “better” technologies will not help us anymore to find our way further. Because of our current metaphysical orientation, we are employing them to “better” exploit Nature and other humans. What we need is not better technologies but to use them wisely, in a way that is Life-enhancing.

As a civilization, we have reached a bifurcation point: our world will never be the same. A species, at its bifurcation point, either evolve, either collapse. What we have to evolve is a more integrative level of consciousness that would allow us to overcome our social and ecological crisis: we have to evolve a level of consciousness that is able to take in account the well-being of the Planet as a whole. We need a new metaphysics able to inform the evolution of such a consciousness. Only then we will be able to use constructively our powerful technologies. The New Story probably you already have heard about – The Story of the Living Universe – is able to inform the evolution of such a consciousness.

Some of us are on the way of transformation toward a more cooperative and ecological way of living. For them – and for everyone who understand that we need to evolve in order to overcome our crisis – are intended these series of seminars, as well as the whole Butterfly Communities open-project, who aims to create an alternative social space conducive to cooperation, fairness and authentic self-expression.

The Courses and Seminars we are offering are ways to introduce the metaphysics of the Living Universe and to present a vision of a possible holarchic human community that mimics Life in its organizing principles. “Butterfly Communities” is an open-project where everyone could join to co-create a fair social space for themselves and their children.

We propose 9 series of seminars (each consisting of 7 seminars).

The first series is speaking about the need for a New Story/ a new metaphysics. Even though we are not very aware, the metaphysics we employ (consciously or not) informs our values and beliefs, our perceptions and motivations and, finally, our decisions and actions. As we are acting now, we are heading toward collapse. In order to change this outcome, we have to act differently – as individuals and communities. But we can not act differently, if we not change the metaphysics that informs our perceptions, values, decisions and actions. only the “story” we choose to tell ourselves about how the world works could inform a different way of living, because the story “we choose to tell ourselves about how the Universe works” inevitably becomes the lens we perceive the reality through.


If you want to understand better why we need a New Story and what kind of difference the Living Universe perspective could make, engage this series of seminars! I said “engage” because it will be as inter-active as possible for a seminar. I would like that each seminar and each series of seminars to be engaged as a journey of discovery. Everyone of them was thought of as a puzzle of a map. Connecting these puzzle pieces in your own way, you can craft your own map that could help you better orient in our changing world.


Each seminar will have 2 parts. In the first part – around only 25 minutes – I will try to answer 5 questions. I chose to build up the seminar around answering 5 questions because the questions themselves are more challenging for you, having the power to trigger your own quest for answering them. I do not want to make it complicated. I will make it so you to have time to take some notes. in the second part – around two hours – each of you could come with its question and I will answer. Hence, the discussion will be always oriented to your interest. Anyway, I will be glad a third part to follow – free discussion between audience triggered by the presentation. I will happily join this dialogue, ready to listen to your points of view and to improve mine. 



Seminar 1: We need a New Story

In the first Seminar, I will try to answer these 5 questions:

1.What is a metaphysics?

2.Why we need a New Story?

3.What is the role of any founding story?

4.What is the uniqueness of the New Story?

5.Why I choose to tell this New Story?


Seminar 2: How a new metaphysics appears?

In the second Seminar, I will try to answer these 5 questions:

1. How a metaphysics informs our beliefs?

2. How we choose the story we tell ourselves?

3. What brings forth a metaphysics?

4. Why a healthy metaphysics should be a ever-evolving one?

5. Could be there a shared metaphysics?

Seminar 3: Enter the Story and become one of its heroes!

In the third Seminar, I will speak about these 5 ideas:

1.The Earth is receiving a new revelation!

2.Change the Story – change the future!

3.Enter the story and become one of its heroes!

4.The New Story is in itself an invitation for you to participate in the Great Circle of Life 

5.A new meaning for human lives

Seminar 4: The Universe is alive!

In this seminar, we will speak about:

1. What our liberty and creativity are for?

2. The simpler way that the New Story proposes (after Margaret Weatley)

3. Embrace the uncertainty! (sense-and-respond)

4. The Universe is alive!

5. Do you sense your inner-calling?


Seminar 5: Cosmic Dynamics – the soul of the Universe!

In this seminar we will talk about:

1. The etymology of the words Cosmos and Dynamics

2. Cosmic Dynamics – the soul of the Universe

3. Does the evolution of Life have a direction?

4. Do people have a role to play in the Great Unfolding of the Universe?



Seminar 6: The Universe Story – Thresholds & Goldilocks conditions

In this seminar, we will speak about Universe embryogenesis and what is driving it; about its thresholds and the necessary Goldilocks condition for Life to go further:

1.A map of the Universe Journey

2.What fosters a new leap forward?

3.What are “Goldilocks conditions” and how they appear?

4.Life has reached a new evolutionary threshold

5.Cultural Creators and the creation of the Goldilocks condition for the next step further in human evolutionary journey.

Seminar 7: The Universe is material and spiritual at the same time

1.The Universe is a never-ending mystery

2.The Universe is a never-ending emergent space of meaning

3.The “why” of the Universe

4.We are connected with something greater than us

5.Reality is a Great Circle of Life


What we will learn?

This first series of seminars, We need a New Story, offers participants the chance to understand better what truly informs our values and perceptions, our motivations and preferences, our decisions and actions – and to become more aware about how we live. Understanding that the basis of our life is a “story” that informs our decisions and actions and leads us on certain paths – which may be more or less functional – we can change the story “we tell ourselves about how the Universe works” in order to improve our lives, to make them even more functional.

Letting ourselves inspired by “something greater than us”, we can craft a story that is conducive to cooperation, fairness and ecological regeneration. A New Story could reinvent ourselves! The Living Universe Story has the power to inform a new human civilization: a fair and ecological one!


Be a Collaborator!

Anyone can become our collaborator!

We are searching for artists, trainers, film-makers, web-designers and for everyone that is inspired by the same vision as us.

Whatever the challenges of the future, cooperators will have a clear evolutionary advantage compared to non-cooperators.

In the new VUCA world, we will have to survive and thrive in new ways, different from those that have been successful so far. As a multicellular organism is smarter and has better capacities to deal with its environment than a cell alone, as an ant-hill is smarter and has better capacities to deal with its environment than an ant alone, the cooperative groups will be smarter and better equipped to deal with future challenges than single individuals.

Educators, trainers or artists – those who aim to have a social impact, to spread an idea – have to cooperate, if they want to succeed. However, the evolution of Life has a clear direction: towards ever-increasing scales of cooperation.

Those who want to move forward must learn to cooperate in mutually enhancing ways.

The open project “Butterfly Communities” is an emerging community that is searching for young artists, trainers, filmmakers, etc. that have understood that we have to help each other to have a stronger social impact.