The Universe is ever-evolving to higher degrees of diversity. A point of bifurcation is reached when the divergent forces of diversity overcome the ability of the system to integrate them. In that “point” a system needs to evolve toward higher levels of its integrative abilities.

But what brings forth this integrative ability to a living system?

The level of its consciousness gives the system its ability to integrate a certain level of complexity. Starting with Biosphere and even more with Noosphere (the human civilization), living beings are driven out to increase their level of consciousness in order to better cope with the complexities of their dynamic, ever-evolving environments.

Integrative Consciousness is a step forward for human consciousness. It could integrate what it seems impossible for a self-centered consciousness: collaboration and competition; heterarchy and hierarchy; community and individuality. Until now they seemed to be in mutual exclusion. An integrative consciousness could integrate them, put them in complementarity and symbiosis and bring forth a new human civilization.

How to evolve an integrative consciousness?

Integrative consciousness is much more than a cognitive concept. It is not enough only to comprehend it analytically. The same for all the living values. It is not enough to read about friendship or love or adventure: you need to live them. But reading about, becoming aware of different concepts is a huge step forward in your evolution. Opening yourself to these new realities is another step forward. Being aware of the Cosmic Dynamics that drives you from inside and figuring out how to co-create your world with others is another step forward.

You can read about Holacracy or Sociocracy to understand, at a cognitive level, how could collaboration and competition, community and individual could work together synergistic.

But if you want to evolve an integrative consciousness, the best way is to be part of a community which, as a living laboratory, tries to organize and govern itself as a holarchy. This could be for you another step forward on your developmental journey. What if you and some of your friends could organize yourselves as a holarchy, building the best environment to evolve toward more collaborative/integrative abilities. Try to cross the invisible threshold that departs self-centered consciousness from Universe-centered consciousness. This is your First Threshold: evolving from individualistic to collaborative life strategies; from exploitative ways of production to generative ways of production.

Reading books that reveal the new scientific perspective, we could find a lot of amazing information. But we have to integrate them into our ways of living, in our life strategies, in our stories and rituals, in our institutions. Life is not only about to know: it is about to sense, to love, to synergize. It is not sufficient to know that the Universe is your body: you have to feel so, to act accordingly. It’s not enough to know about Cosmic Dynamics, but consciously to become Cosmic Dynamic, co-creating the next step of human evolution.

How we will evolve toward an integrative consciousness?

The Cosmic Dynamic inside us will teach us. Just trust the process and follow your allurements.

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