Ancient, medieval or modern civilizations, no matter how different they may seem, have something very important in common: they are based on authority and obedience relationships. Their metaphysics is grounded in order and conformity to one absolt truth, which is harshly imposed. Is the Old Story of hierarchy, obedience, control, separation, fear, distrust, conflict, exploitation, scarcity…

This metaphysics build the world we know. And this world today is falling apart.

One would think that this is the only world of which humans are capable. But it’s not so! In most of our history, human organizations were holarchic organizations. What allowed us to survive was collaboration and partnership. Collaboration was the main feature that shaped our biological evolution as a species.

Spirituality that inspired mankind was the spirituality of Life. Across Europe and the Middle East, from the Paleolithic and until the advent of war-like religions, we find traces of the Great Goddess of Life. This spirituality of Life built a peaceful civilization that Marija Gimbutas called it The Old Europe Civilization. Humans are able to imagine and build commons-based societies and most of our history as a species we lived so. We are biologically adapted to live in partnership.

This peaceful civilization fell attacked by warlike populations led by their warlike religion. These hierarchical forms of organization brought by the warrior castes could not be found in Nature. In Nature, you can not find anywhere authority and obedience, exploitation or injustice. All these forms of organization (may be religious, political, economic or educational) are un-natural, un-physiological and always have been and will be challenged. We, humans, are interconnected and we can not live in separation. The spirit of Life is alive and drives us to cooperation and empathy. Always hierarchical forms of organization were unfair and were always disputed. Today hierarchical forms of organization can not manage the challenges that we face. We need a new evolutionary leap forward towards increasing levels of collaboration and interconnectivity to face the challenges of Life. Mankind is ready for a leap forward in its evolution and we are the agents of this evolution!

The presence on my drawings of the Old symbol of the Great Goddess I want to revive confidence in our hearts for partnership and remind us that we are One with all Life. The entire planet is our Mother who nourishes us and supports us!